Buddy Games: Spring Awakening 2023

Directed by Josh Duhamel, “Buddy Games: Spring Awakening” falls short as a sequel to the original film. The story follows a group of six friends, all of whom are unlikable, as they reunite after a long estrangement. Their goal is to scatter the ashes of their deceased comrade at the beach resort where they first devised the “Buddy Games.” However, their plans are foiled when they discover that the town has been taken over by spring breakers who have created their own version of the games. Reluctantly, the group is forced to compete against much younger teams.

Unfortunately, the film quickly abandons this premise and introduces a worse plotline. Two of the friends become entangled in the clutches of a bizarre cult led by a deranged leader who aims to reform alpha males. Meanwhile, the other two set out on a quest to find their departed friend’s long-lost love. The movie is riddled with tasteless and unfunny gross-out gags, including consuming a skunk and a failed attempt at referencing Kurosawa.

“Buddy Games: Spring Awakening” fails on all fronts. The characters remain unlikable, the humor falls flat, and the storytelling lacks coherence. Duhamel’s direction and comedic timing are unimpressive, while the performances by the cast are lackluster. The film’s attempts at sincerity in its final moments only further contribute to its comedic failure. It’s a pitiful movie lacking in humor or any redeeming qualities. If anyone claims to find this film amusing, it’s best to steer clear of them and their taste in comedy. Visit flixtor movie for more!

Buddy Games: Spring Awakening | June 2, 2023 (United States) Summary: After the death of one of their own, Bobfather and the boys steal the urn and go on a trip to commemorate his life at the place where the Buddy Games began, but everything goes wrong when th... Read all
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