Locked In 2023

“Locked In” on Netflix is yet another run-of-the-mill thriller that disappoints in terms of excitement and suspense. The plot is hindered by predictability and an excess of flashbacks that slow down the narrative. The film’s primary drawback is its tendency to reveal crucial plot details through dialogue before presenting them in flashbacks, stripping the story of its potential for mystery and tension.

The story follows Katherine, a comatose patient with Locked-In Syndrome, who communicates solely through blinking. As a murder mystery unfolds, neuro clinical nurse Nicky Mackenzie takes on the role of investigator. Later, the narrative shifts to Lina Carter, Katherine’s adopted daughter, exploring her past and family history.

The central mystery, involving the attempted murder of Katherine, lacks depth due to an underdeveloped cast of characters. The film’s editing struggles to seamlessly weave flashbacks with present-day scenes, resulting in a disjointed narrative.

In the end, “Locked In” falls short of delivering the thrills and surprises expected from a thriller. It offers a predictable twist and lacks character development, making it an unremarkable addition to the genre. Visit flixtor for more!

Locked In | November 1, 2023 (United States) Summary: A kindly nurse tries to unlock the secrets of a coma patient's injury - and discovers the bitter rivalry, infidelity, betrayal and murder behind them.
Countries: United States, United Kingdom, FranceLanguages: English

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