Mavka: The Forest Song 2023

“Mavka: The Forest Song” is a 2023 Ukrainian animated film that delves into the intricate connection between nature and humanity. Directed by Oleh Malamuzh and Oleksandra Ruban, the movie revolves around Mavka, a kind and naive spirit who inhabits an enchanting forest. When Lukas, a musician driven by the need to cure his uncle’s illness, embarks on a journey to find the tree of life, he encounters Mavka, leading to a deep bond between them. However, Kylina, a cruel character obsessed with eternal youth, manipulates the tree’s power, sparking conflict between the forest dwellers and humans. Visit flixtor for more!

Mavka: The Forest Song | August 15, 2023 (United States) Summary: Mavka must choose between love and duty to protect the Heart of the Forest.
Countries: Ukraine, United StatesLanguages: Ukrainian

Watch Mavka: The Forest Song (Original title: Mavka. Lisova pisnya) 2023 For Free

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