The Contractor (2022)

How can I stream The Contractor 2022 online on Flixtor?

Full movie The Contractor 2022 online in HD. James Harper is the main character of the film. He is part of the US Special Forces. He is a member of the US Special Forces. The leadership decided to make him an honorable retiree, taking away his pension and insurance. The main character’s family needs constant assistance, and several loans must be repaid. The character decided to join a secret group that reports directly to the president.

This involves assassinating an internationally recognized scientist linked to terrorist activities. Although the assignment seemed straightforward, the ex-military officer soon realized his superiors were lying. The new employee is only interested in making money. You can watch flixtor movies online for free.

Which streaming service is best to stream The Contractor 2022?

Full movie The Contractor 2022 on Flixtor & 123movies. It is the best streaming website. Online streaming is available for the most recent movies. More than 5000 streaming movies are available for free. Flixtor is the best choice because it offers unlimited streaming.

Review of The Contractor 2022

James Harper, a former soldier, joins a mercenary group to help his family. His first task fails, and he is left alone in Eastern Europe. This sets him up for a full-fledged hunt. Harper must survive and return home to find out why he was betrayed.

Title: The Contractor (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Tarik Saleh
Stars: Chris Pine, Gillian Jacobs, Sander Thomas, Toby Dixon, Dean Ashton, Dustin Lewis, Regina Ting Chen, Brian Lafontaine, Cory Scott Allen, Antal Kalik, Ben Foster, Tyner Rushing, Nicolas Noblitt, Eva Ursescu, Nico Woulard, Tait Fletcher, Malosi Leonard, Brandon Melendy

The Contractor (2022) Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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