You Are Not My Mother (2022)

You Are Not My Mother Movie Overview

You can visit our website flixtor movies and stream online You Are Not My Mother (2022) full movie for free without any membership. Cat Dolan’s debut features an exciting and unsettling glimpse of a family at the brink of. It is a frightful and disturbing look at a family that’s on Are Not My Mother follows Char, a bright young woman, but somewhat off the beaten path, and whose mother, who is suffering from the burden of mental illness, disappears. The next day, she returns; however, something has changed. She’s changed. Perhaps the mother of her child has come to awareness and received the assistance she sought, or, perhaps more troublingly, could it be that she is not even her mother?
Hazel Doupe leads the cast as Char and portrays Char with a sheer force that keeps the audience cheering her on throughout. Writer and director Kate Dolan show the horrors of teenage life and the loneliness of a young girl within her own house, beautifully creating a sense of growing tension and fear that pricks the audience right from the beginning.
The overall look and feel of the film are of the world we live in and love, one of Ireland that we can see and pass by each day, with its city estates and nosy neighbors. However, underneath is something more ancient and violent. If you’re familiar with the mythology of changelings, you’ll be aware that no fairy tales are happy, and the fairy tales of past Ireland are not ones you should play with.
One of the most notable strengths in the film is that we’re never sure if someone is who they claim to be. From Char’s mother, Angela, to the school bully, Suzanne, it is crucial to remember that appearances can be deceiving and that no one is always as they appear at first.

Title: You Are Not My Mother (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Horror
Quality: HD
Directors: Kate Dolan
Stars: Hazel Doupe, Paul Reid, Carolyn Bracken, Jade Jordan, Ingrid Craigie, Jordanne Jones, Miriam Devitt, Katie White, Aoife Spratt, Martin O’Sullivan, Florence Adebambo, Madi O’Carroll, Lucie Doran, Colin Peppard

You Are Not My Mother (2022) Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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